Here's the picture in question. Read the comments, and you may grasp why I wrote this short blog.


I guess you guys may not believe that my sister made this. I can tell you that she took a course of Graphic Designing at the "Tech Center" in Caro, Michigan a few years back when she was still in high school. The reason the picture looks a bit fuzzy is because she photoshopped an actual honey nut cheerios box, "printed" it off, and scanned the finished product. I wasn't aware she put this on the Internet, but I guess she did. It's often hard to trace pictures back to the source on the web, but if you aren't just going to shrug and say, "That kid's a little loser trying to take credit for something he didn't do." or "He's just trying to be cool." then you're wrong. Personally, I'm not that fond of ICP, but my sister was a huge fan. You can either believe me, and say "Neat. I still like/hate ICP, and this poster." or not believe me.


I don't care either way, I just thought it was cool I found this, and wanted to clear up any confusion over the whole "juggalos are gay, this must mean ICP is gay..."

Uploaded 11/06/2009
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