Ugly couples. Get a room and dont leave.

I have had it up to here (thats pretty high huh?) with these ugly people getting all gropey in public. If i wanted to see your over weight toothless girlfriends tramp stamp , I would have been charging her in my car. aimed to kill. Realy people if your girlfriend is fugly-tastic please keep your relationship secret. Have you ever saw a couple that realy felt the passion and couldnt keep their hands off of eachother? I have and its gross .honstly if i  think the dude has to turn his head to the side so he doesnt bump your chins when he makes out with you ,You need to stay in a dark room. Even buffalo Bill in silence of the lambs knew not to go outside as an ugly women. As far as i know these people do not realise how they affect our quality of life. Do you want your kids to grow up thinking they can date fuglys??? Me either..

At least 10% of americans are in the fugly catagory. Only 3% of them know where they stand. The other 7 Just dont reconize the sad facts looking back from the mirror. If you are ugly you might as well be a midget too. Or some class of leper. maybe even a side show. What started me on this tirade Is a 100% true story i will even downtone it so you can believe.

I was in a local food mart this morning ,When i swear i saw this , The elephant man making out with janet reno!!! Once i cleaned up the vomit i decided to ask them why they can leave their houses without some sort of protective head gear (for us). They didnt answer faster then i could swing my justice hatchet. After i burned the remains I started seeing more ugly couples holding hands. that was fine but the elephant man and janet reno had traumatized me beyond repair. So badly infact when i closed my eyes that was all i saw. I am leaving this blog in a sad note for the first time. Please have your local fuglys fixed. Its sad but it has to be done. For the children.



Uploaded 11/12/2008
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