Uh oh... learn something new everyday.

I just got some good, but potentially damaging news from my local humane society.  Where I live there is no legal limit cap to how many cats you are legally allowed to keep as pets.  Before a recent phone call to the humane society, I thought it was 3-4... but I was wrong... my boyfriend will not be happy to hear that.... well he might... he's a cat person too.


The reason I called is because there is a stray cat living on the property where I work.  She's the size of a 5-6 month old kitten, and is a little too friendly to be hanging around an industrial establishment.  I was able to coax her to me this morning, which isn't good.  Where I work, there are many hazards that become more and more dangerous the more comfortable she feels around them.   She doesn't look sick (no conjunctivitis of the eyes, or dirty matted fur) nor does she look pregnant.  I assume she is only hanging around in the hopes that she will find scrap food, and refuge from coyotes and any other larger animal that could so easily make her their pray.   She also looks to be too small to safely carry a litter, and there isn't enough food around for her to support them, and probably even herself.   She's sooooo small, she couldn't possibly make it on her own.  By the looks of things, she's already come pretty close to an early death... she has no tail.... and she doesn't look like the type of cat to be born without one. 


I think I may adopt her. I don't know if she would make a good house cat, she may try and run away and get hit by a car on the busy street I live on.  But if she did take to constant shelter, companionship, and food well I would be able to provide her with a loving home.  Having a new job ables me to afford to get her vaccinated and fixed.  I'll have to talk to the bf about it...

Uploaded 06/24/2010
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