Uh Oh, Spaghettio, We're fucked!

You know what really pisses me off? The fucking retards who think the Taliban is a terrorist organization. I heard a woman call into NPR during the "Reign of Bush" Segments.

Like all women, she bitched for quite some time. Her husband was killed in the September 11th attacks, and she was attacking Bush for that. One of her points was, quote, that "He didn't do a good job protecting us, because there were no further attacks on U.S. Soil." Are you fucking kidding me? Doesn't that show how well of a job he did do?


Later in her well-informed rant, she claimed that we were done in Iraq, stopped the Taliban, and we should move out. I about shat myself.


A. The Taliban is not a terrorist organization.

B. The Taliban was the government in Afghanistan (You'll notice that that is not Iraq).

C. All of the Above.


Yea, you guessed it. The answer is always All of the Above.


Now really, evil bitch, I can understand that you're upset at Al-Qaida, and maybe even at the President, Because he single-handedly destroyed our Economy, Because its possible for one person to do that, and naturally, we should put every single peice of the blame on him (If you did not note the sarcasm, I will personally take a diarrhea dump in your ear). 



I think the biggest problem in America is not obesity, the economy, or our skewed view of the world's take on us. No, the biggest problem is how fucking retarded most Americans are.


Does anyone wonder why the Country isn't doing so well? Here, let me break it down for you. Democracy. Yea, Democracy is good. I'm a fan. But think about it: The majority rules, right?


Well, ladies and gents, it turns out the majority of Americans are retarded in their World Views. Uh Oh, Spaghettio!




Uploaded 01/17/2009
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