UMM a problem with your bathroom!!!

so this story takes place last week!!! I was getting ready for a blind date whe my roommate came home and with him he brought a few GRANDE taco's from taco bell.. So i figured it would be alright if i had two before i left.. well turns out baddd idea, this is what happined!!!So i met up with the some what average looking girl other then that fact that her face looked like she had a stroke. I figured i would just get it over with and go home at the end of the night.. So here we are sitting in the restaurant eating are nice meal. when i get the rumble in my stomach.. I'm thinking dammit taco bell, why me, (everyone knows that shit is rent-a-food). So i try to finish dinner fast to help get the night over with faster. Well the bill comes a i pay for it and while he is swiping my visa she says "How would you like to go for a quick walk down by the water front". Im thinking alright maybe that will help loosin that massive thing up inside me.

So where down by the water and where walking along and i hold her hand to be nice just to make sure she has a some what good night.. I ended up just walking her home stright from the water front. Well then she invites me in for some late night drinks. Im thinking alright i can use her bathroom drop a load and jet out of there haha. Where up stairs have some drinks when i give her the old excuse me i have to go to the bathroom.. I ran down the hall faster then a fat kid running after a cup cake.. I get in the bathroom lock the door and just before i sit my ass down on the seat i sit all over the floor and counter, missing the toilet completely.

Now I'm in deep shit i can't just cover this up theres shit every where.. Then i hear a knock at the door and she says is everything ok in there.. I had to think quick, what am i going to say?, i just told her i was washing my hands and i will be right out.. i hear her walk off down the hall. Now its time for me to act fast, So i pretty much took one of her towels off the rack and through it over the shit then whiped my ass as quick as i could.. I leave the bathroom and close the door behind me hopeing the smell won't travel down the hallway.I sit down beside her on the couch and she goes on about how she had a great night and how i'm a great guy (not knowing i shit all over her bathroom). Well it was time for me to get out of there so i said my good night. told her i would call her (NOT!!!). I got back to my apartment with out a problem. I looked at my roommate and said never again dude never again..True Story really happined!!!

Uploaded 12/04/2008
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