Uncle DP is going to treat you fags like an Alter Boy.

Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog.� My day was shit, which is why i'm writing a blog.� Seeing as i am blogging and therefore a blogger you can assume that i am 19 year old emo kid who constantly gets shit from his mother because i keep stealing her masscara.� Seeing as i am blogger i write about my gay escapades a lot, you can refer to them as gaycapades or flaming homo with a picture of patrick swayze from the movie ghost(or w/e) in his wallet.� So my day sucked hard(mmmm...hard[see i really am a blogger]) this dude i was checking out at the mall when i was buying more make-up totally did even check me out but he saw me checking him out and still he didn't say anything.� To think i've been tucking my penis between my legs all die hoping that some young buck will want to catch my tail.� Being a blogger is not gay, you're born a blogger just as you are born gay(not really, those people all had fucked up moms or some shit).� Instead of calling me a blogger and therefore gay just call me Dan Akyrods ass puppet because that's the more accepted term amongst my species of inbred losers who enjoy dark, dank places otherwise known as our mothers basements.� Thank you, and may your life be as uneventful as mine.� Since i'm still typing i would like to say that if you consider yourself chubby or "thick" that basically means you're fat and should exercise or jump off something high.� Probably a building because they have elevators and fat people are allergic to stairs.   I am editing this because those question marks surrounded by the diamonds are confusing and a little scary, wtf is up with that, blogging is pretty gay

Uploaded 02/11/2009
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