Understanding Jesus in a Contemporary Society.

This blog is not about whether  Jesus was real,  whether God  exist and it does not conclude or try to convince that religion or lack there of,  is good or bad.  It will just be the devils advocate, ( I'm not implying the devil exist here) against an argument I've read lately and some time ago on why the existence of Jesus, in particular,  is bogus.

The ancient stories and religious beliefs, that came before Jesus, contain elements, dates, ideas and miracle births very similar to the story of Jesus.  While to the untrained mind it would suggest a copy cat structure that points to it's invalidity, this conclusion is intuitive at best.

Two thousand years ago in the middle east the people at the time had very simple but hard lives. They were probably already familiar with or at least their learned ones,  with stories of virgin births, the symbolism of the solstice, dying and being reborn etc...  So if someone  or God  wanted to establish a populace movement  or to convince that Jesus is the one true God, would it not be wise to use familiar ideas and stories?  Do you not think following already established norms and ideas would be the easiest route?  I sure do, especially if you contrast that with the political life of Ron Paul. 

Ron Paul for thirty years has delivered a different narrative with anti establishment ideas. Just recently he has caught on, but the obstacles to his success are insurmountable if not outright criminal. 

The road to success for the Christian cause was made by using the familiar and allowing local customs and norms to meld with it.  Between regions and within regions we see how Christiandom  has morphed into different types of churches over the years in order to satisfy the needs or morals of a given group.

In conclusion, God or whatever force that has brought us modern day Christianity was wise in realizing that using the familiar and allowing some freedom in dogma would bring it success. The use of this technique does not invalidate the existence of Jesus, it doesn't even disprove his life here on Earth as described in the bible. 

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