Unexpected side effect of wife's evolution

My wife has started listening to Lady Gaga.  There.  I said it.  She tried to hide it from me at first.  I'd come home, come into the bedroom, and her music would suddenly stop and she'd look guilty.  I just assumed I'd busted her jacking off.  It turns out she's been Gaga'ing behind my back.


Now that she's living for the moment, she's playing it right in front of me.  I'm torn about the issue.  My every instinct is telling me to beat her I-pod dock to death then kill everything with fire and sow the ashes with salt so nothing evil could grow from the remains.  But she says it makes her feel sexy.  It's good for your wife to feel sexy.


She does this sexy lap dance thing while she's putting on her make-up and getting ready in the morning.  Lady Gaga is blaring.  She'll periodically panther walk over to me, press her tits against my back, and grind herself into my leg.  I'm a teacher.  I can't be 30 minutes late to work.  It still starts my day with a swagger though.  But... Lady Gaga is blaring the whole time. 


She likes to listen to music while we have sex.  It reallly helps her get in the mode.  It often is literally horizontal dancing, especially when she's on top.  But now, it's mostly Lady Gaga.  I'm not saying it's all she listens to, but I hear it every day.  It'll invariably come up a couple times while we're having sex.  We spend a lot of time with foreplay, so we might be fucking and making out for an hour or so.  I'll hear Gaga three or four times.  It doesn't make my dick go limp, it doesn't even get me off of my stroke, but it doesn't help, that's for sure.


Now I'm starting to make unhealthy associations with her music.  I was walking by a club in Redrock casino and heard Disco Stick.  I got a very clear image of my wife bucking away on top of me with my hands on her tits.


The fact that I've tied those two things together is deeply disturbing to me.


Edit:  Here's where we're going tonight after her poledance lessons:









Uploaded 02/26/2011
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