Upcoming election

so almost everybodys talking about the 2011 election recently and its either Barrack Obama or a republican. Im a big obama supporter and I know hes gonna win, why because hes a good president. There wasnt one scandal involving him except for that bullshit with his birth certificate hes classy and hes sassy lol Im joking but hes very fit for our presidet and I support him. I know a lot of yous gonna hate on me now but I repect your opinion I know republicans might have good ideas and some dont like a democrat, that's cool yo Im not a douchebag who tries to tell people to vote the guy I like more, its up to you thats what free elections are about, you have a vote an you use it wisely aight? theres a very important thing you need to vote to have the privilage to complain later, if you didnt give your vote you cant say its someones fault or the other candidate would be better you are a citizen and its your duty to go to the voting. take care bloggers
Uploaded 08/08/2011
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