Uploading etiquette and tips, Then the problems

I've been out of the loop for a bit but now have a little time to do my job as a mod again on here. So here we go again.....................Well, since ebones went up it seems that there's a bit of dejavue again with new members magically appearing and with that mass uplaoding again. Which in turn makes the mods and staff's job pretty frustrating due to the fact we have to sort through what to get rid of and what should stay.So let me give some guidelines on how to get featured and or more veiws.

-Let me start by uploading etiquette . Look for new or fresh media that HAS NOT been uploaded to the site 20 times over by using the search tool. You'll be amazied as how easy this procces is and wont worry about ," is my media gonna get deleted again or suspended". It is sometimes hard to tell if it's been uploaded when searching  because it wont show............ and I'm getting to that next. Also keep watermarks from other sites off the media. Keep your uploads original.

When uploading try to give the descriptions in the title a little more meat to it. For example: Fat chick get's owned". ok seriously that describes about 20k + of fucking vids on here so make it more meaty. When tagging your media add keywords that are not in the description or title. This helps out your views on here and also taps into other search engines around the net.Making several accounts to star up your ratings on that one peice of media doesn't do much except get you maby 5 - 10 more veiws and thats if it new media, not repost

.-Being on the Top five just means you uploaded the most for that day, and really means dick. Theres a 95% chance you uploaded alot of crap to the site, and it doesn't get you features unless like I said above, its new and fresh media. - Now a pet peeve of mine, Begging for subscriptions and media veiws. I'm starting to notice this trend starting to come back. If your doing this I'll make a bet your media sucks and your craving attention. Fact is just like all the ads you see on here begging to try out their product or veiw it, It's in the same realms of what their doing. One word "Spam".Here's the defenition for the thick skulled who can't quite grasp the concept,:Sending mass PM's through the groups and or to PM every users on here trying to get veiws. Guess what will happen next If I see it...............If people are going to subscribe to you, that means they enjoy what you post. So please don't whore.

-Remember, the ebones is a privlage, not a right. Its there for those who earn it. That doesn't mean upload ungodly amounts of shit just for points and abuse the system. We will catch on and your media will be removed. So upload the right way. Now if there are questions or Need guidance, feel free to email the staff or Mods and we'll help you get on track.

Follow these guidelines and You and the rest of the Users on ebaums can have a better expeirence.

Yours Truely,Dirty Uncle Dread

Uploaded 08/11/2010
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