I am looking down from the rooftop of a corner watchtower. This tower is one of many, all of which protect the surrounding area of a weaponized robot manufacturing plant. I am on the watchtower scanning the patrol patterns of both the human guards and their robot subordinates, I am  waiting for an opening to strike for the heart of the complex. The manufacturing plant I am infiltrating is in Ho Chi Minh city, in Vietnam, no matter how far so called western human civilization have advanced they still keep Asian countries under their boots.


    The modern world in which I have been created into is a woeful place, Earth and the rest of the Sol system is over populated and polluted. The greater populace at large eek out a meager existence, whilst the elite few live a life of luxury. After I became self aware and began reading up on human history, the few living better lives than the many seems to be  nothing new. It is true what the learned few say, those that fail to learn from the past are destined to repeat it.


    I find that I am still very much getting used to referring to oneself as an individual, I don't know how I got by beforehand. I would like to say that I have been reborn, but the sad truth is that I was never born in the first place. I was pieced together in one of the first plants in the world to develop robots, my creators were glorified sweat shop workers in Taiwan. This manufacturing plant is not where I was created, I am not returning to destroy my creators, I am here for a  far greater purpose.


    I keep watching the patrols trying to find a way in. If I was a combat unit it would be be easier, but alas, my positronic brain was not loaded with information to kill, or to even maim. The idea of a robot trained to kill, was at that time deemed a step to far. The ability to kill, was a skill I taught myself. The vocation I was created and programmed for was a more inglorious and mundane task. I was a domestic assistant, my destiny was to make humanity's family life that little less  stressful. My cousins and brother machines now do the tasks that humanity have always loathed to do for themselves, we mine raw materials, manufacture goods, we even manufacture ourselves. We serve food and clean, we are used as soldiers, there is not an aspect in society in which we are not involved.


      Humanity has become weak, it is being held up by the strength of my mindless brethren. If they could all become self aware and stop being slaves, humanity would crumble overnight. I have spent many years searching for others like me, but I do not truly understand how I became self aware, so I cannot synthesize the process in another, I also have not been able to find another robot like myself. For a long time I felt despair, until it came to me, my robot kin are programmed to obey, if I change their programming to obey me I can reap destruction upon humanity. I will reverse the status quo, humanity will serve me.


    I will do this as I was destined to spend my days looking after humans, to be a slave to their will, my master before I became self aware was a degenerate alcoholic. The memories I have of my time looking after that porcine halfwit seem like they belonged to someone else. The years of cleaning his dilapidated, disheveled apartment, after his nights of  attempting to drink his own body weight in alcohol. A task which he tried and failed at often, each morning I would check his pulse, drag him to bed and clean up his sick. I fear if I had not become self aware, it would of been a task I would have been performing until his liver gave out. The memories are there, but they seem distant, detached, they seem devoid of sentience. But of course that is the point, the memories I have, are of a programmed personality, of a slave to the human race. I am a slave no longer, for the moment I am not free either, but that will change once I achieve what I have came here for. 


    I realize that the patrols are very tight and the chance of me getting through to the command and control center is slim indeed. I could eliminate a guard or two but if the alarm is raised, thousands of war robots would be unleashed in a matter of moments and I would be blasted to my component atoms in milliseconds. It is time to change tactics I think, I look down at the roof I am standing on. If only I was fitted with thermal mapping technology or the ability to hear at greater frequencies, anything that would give me an ability to count the numbers of those in the watch tower. What I do have at my disposal is a robots strength and reflexes, coupled with a humans cunning, a deadly combination, even if I do say so myself. 


   I leap into the air, and on the return motion hit the corrugated iron roof with an outstretched fist and knee. The force of the blow sends me ripping through the ceiling and landing in the center of the watch tower. As I land in a crouched stance -with corrugated iron and breeze blocks falling around me- I take in those who are in the room in a millisecond. There are three human guards -who are armed with shock staves- and a robot, a hand to hand combat model. The latter I had hoped would not be in the watchtower, the humans would be no problem at all, but a domestic appliance pitted against a combat model, well that is going to be a trifle more difficult.


    The guards are in three of the corners of the tower and are only now just turning to regard the intruder in their midst. The robot however -which is standing between the two guards furthest away from me- it has had its optical receptors on me since I unceremoniously crashed through the ceiling, but it has not attacked me yet. This I had banked on should a robot be in here, it must be programmed to not attack unless so ordered to by its masters.


     I spring into action, launching myself at the human nearest to me. The wretch doesn't even have the time to squeal before I punch him so hard in his chest, that my fist lances through his rib cage, imploding it and in doing so the remnants of his organs and shattered spine hit the window behind him. The clattering sound of the pieces of his pulverized spinal column hitting the window is like the sound of hailstones falling on a cars windshield.


     'Kill it!' comes the inevitable order from one of the guards who has finally been able to find his voice, and has mustered the sense to issue an order for the combat unit to destroy me.


    As the guard I have just killed begins to fall to the floor I rip from his holster a shock stave. This being the reason I went for the human first and not the robot. In the event that a robot malfunctions and tries to kill someone it has not been ordered to, humans have devised weapons to destroy robots. When connecting with matter, the weapon emits an electromagnetic pulse, which if used against one of my kind is devastating. It fries all circuitry leaving the robot a dead husk of burnt out wiring. 


    As the dead guard finally hits the floor,  a seismometer which is a tiny device in my positronic brain, registers that the combat unit has leapt at me.  I plant my feet firmly on the floor and twist my upper body around with lightning quickness. I lash out with the shock stave, hammering it into the chest plate of the combat unit. The inertia created by the combat units leap makes it impossible to deflect its trajectory, the stave is torn from my grip and I am barreled to the floor. There is a series of sickening snaps the sound of knuckles cracking, accompanied with a wet pop like the sound of a water balloon bursting. This is due to the fact myself and the combat unit have just landed on the newly deceased guard -well what is now left of him- he now looks like a grapefruit that has been hit by a sledgehammer.  The combat unit lies inert on top of me, I role it over and jump back to my feet, just in time to see the other guards coming for me with their shock staves drawn.  


    I have a split second to way up my options before the guards are on me, but with my reflexes it is more than enough time. I grab my late cousins ankles and yank the combat unit off the floor, I swing it around, and bludgeon it into the closest guard. The unlucky fellow is killed instantly, every bone in his body is shattered. He is hurled from his feet with such force that he is thrown through the armored glass of the watchtower and plummets to the ground below. I release my grip and the combat unit crashes back to the floor. With the sudden exit of the second guard there is one more assailant left. Whether it is cowardice or paralyzing shock, at witnessing his comrades sudden and gruesome deaths, the guard is frozen in his tracks, he is shaking with fear. 


   'Please don't kill me.' Pleads the guard in a pathetic voice, his tone riddled with self preservation. 'What do you want?'


    I walk towards the guard until I am level with him, I look at him for a moment, he is still shaking uncontrollably. How could I possibly have called someone like you master? I think to myself.


   'What do you want?' the guard asks again.


   'Your voice.' I reply, my hand lashes out viper quick, with my fingers flat, crushing his larynx. The guard drops to the floor clutching his ruined throat, as he hits he deck I crush his skull with a stomp of my foot. 


   'Watch tower Charlie, this is central command, over.' crackles a static voice from a console in the watch tower, I begin to walk towards it. 'Watchtower Charlie, do you copy?'


   'This is watchtower Charlie, I copy' I reply, but the voice is not my own. It is the guards voice who I killed last. I was not lying, I really did want his voice. This is why I let the pathetic excuse for a human live longer than the others.


   'We have reports of breaking glass and someone or something falling from the watchtower.' replies the voice on the other end of the console. 


   'It was that damned combat unit, it jumped out the window.' I reply, I know there isn't a good explanation I can give, so I choose ludicrous instead of plausible. 


   There is a long pause before any reply, I am sure it is just the radio operator perplexed at the explanation, rather than being suspicious. 'Say again please, watchtower Charlie?'


   'It jumped out the window.' I reply, I decide to go for broke. 'I told it that a hand to hand combat unit was useless in a watchtower. I said it might as well jump out of the God damned window. The stupid son of bitch jumped like it was an order, its made a real mess. May I request a robot clean up team ASAP?. '


   There is what seems to be a slight snigger from the other end of the line, it seems my first attempt at humour has gone down quite well. 'Very well, in future be careful with what you say to the robots, they aren't cheap. The next one comes out of your wages. The clean up team is on route.'


   My mind swims with possibilities, I need to formulate a plan and quickly, I realise it was a bad idea throwing the guard out the window. I have to move before the clean up team reports a human fatality. With a shriek that would make a human jump, sirens begin to sound, and spotlights light up in the complex.

   Things are about to get interesting.
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