Urgent post!!! Read fast I will reveal no spoilers.

Im being forced to watch the wizard of oz, I have a phobia of midgets. Nothing i cant control. Its nothing i need to worry about im not scared of them. im afraid i will go stomp happy on them when i see them like a wild cat jumping on an elk on discovery chanel.. I often have ideas as I watch "little people big world" Where if i confronted any of them how i would try to keep myself from blacking out and stuffing them into shallow graves.. lol shallow graves for midgets. I know the tragedy of that so called illness, but maybe its for the better. They are face high to crotches. That might be funny . Also They must reman standing to poop. Can they wipe themselves? or do they have to rub their asses  against carpeted floors like some sort of dog.Eww all i know is midgets have no reason to live. Im so fucking grossed out by them. Why wouldnt you be? they are gross and cant play basketball. as far as i know they may or may not be able to mow lawns. But that doesnt take alot of skill or training. Now there is a fucking talking scare fucking crow. Who the fuck smoked crack to write this shit. I dont care if its a classic its fucking retarted. I sometimes wish i had a handgun... I can and will get one..  Gross midgets and judy garlin... Great movie huh!? wrong. This movie is like cancer, its there its killing me and hopefully what comes next is sweet sweet death.


I doubt it though . My luck i will wake up next to a chopped up midget in the morning again. Great blogs by the way people today was full of funnys. There was overly gay guy, He was funny .Then there was angry mother not caring for her children, That made me giggle. Also some one didnt want to date a bitch. i didnt read it but i agree.Also that guy who said the stuff about dracula.... Wow i didnt hear that this week yet. But good concept though maybe find something a little less famous. too broad and common to inform people.

Bored tired now sick and lazy . Hating midgest so if you are one please dont comment. As the sight of you sickens me.


Sadly     Matt.

Uploaded 11/14/2008
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