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Hi everyone!  Sorry about that last post, I know it is inappropriate to end a post like that; however, I hope that my newest blog, while it relates in no way to the title, will make up for it.


I am actually going to be discussing some current events.  The first issue I would like to discuss is the fact that the media has recently been propagating a particularly dangerous and heretical lie pertaining to the act of smoking cigarettes.  It is commonly understood that cigarettes are a carcinogen; however, I am what you might consider a weekend scientist, and I have been studying this issue and arriving at a different conclusion for years.  The fact is, quite clearly, that the smoking of cigarettes actually kills the cancerous cells in the esophagus and lungs. 


NEW TOPIC: BACKWORDS DUCKS: LEFT.  I saw, in my youth, a rainbow more awesome than anything on Joseph Smith's green earth, but this rainbow was different. Disgusting.  Covered in lice.


A triangle must not be considered a shape.  In order to be a shape, at least four sides or some form of curvature should be considered necessary.  It is an immense shame that our society has so shamefully failed to comprehend the concept of shapes.


Dividing the earth into hemispheres is arbitrary.  It is my opinion that the world should be understood based upon the source of life -- that is, the earth's directions should be constructed and understood in relation to the birthplace of Patrick Henry (i.e. the birthplace of freedom).


Socrates was an asshole, and Plato's Republic is not that great.  Philosophers are ninnies in character and parasites in nature.




I once was a GI Joe,

Until I shot a doe,

The king he did forbode,

My gun to fire at all.


I ate that little doe,

and then I invented snow.

The king, I do not know,

But I think I ate his soul.






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