Useless Young Whippersnappers!

You young whippersnappers these days don't know nothin' about servin' the public.  All you know how to do is play video games an' stuff your faces with fast food.  Why, I remember when the mottos of stores, restaurants, and other places that served the public were, "Service with a smile," "The customer is always right," and, "Quick, friendly service."  Nowdays, you're lucky if you can get anybody to help you with ANYthing and if you do, they don't know jack shit about the products.

One fine example is Wal-Mart pharmacies.  If you're deathly ill and need a prescription fast, you're shit out of luck if you go there.  They'll make you wait two hours for a bottle of nitro.  I say it's bad management.  Why?  When you only have three people waiting for prescriptions and four people working in the pharmacy and it STILL takes them two hours to fill two prescriptions, there's something definitely wrong.  Oh, and their $4 prescription plan?  Once you get on it and they see what medications you're taking, they take them all off of the $4 plan so that you're left paying full price.  That's a difficult thing for people on fixed incomes.  Hell, it's probably difficult for people who are working and can afford insurance.

If the managers had a lick of sense, they'd tell the pharmacists to wait on the people in the store before they go on filling prescriptions that are to be filled next week.  What the hell is wrong with you young managers?  Ain't ya' got no sense?  Geez!

I swear, if you weren't sittin' back there tryin' ta figure out how to swipe the old folks pain meds so you could get a free high, maybe you could think straight.  It's an awful damn shame.  Hell, it's bad enough that you have to ask the pharmacist for some sinus or allergy medicine from behind the counter because of all the damn meth heads buying the shit up.

Go into a computer store and ask a question about compatibility or interfaces?  Forget it.  You may as well ask them who the leader of Kazakhstan is.  You'll get the same stupid look and the same kind of non-answer.  Hell, half of them don't even know what an interface IS, much less know anything about working with the public.

I guess all that home schooling isn't workin' out like they thought.  Takin' music an' art out of the public schools don't seem to be workin' out too well, either.  My guess is that without music an' art to hold their interest in school, the whole lot of them are ditchin' their classes.  They couldn't run a cash register if the scanners were out and they wouldn't know how to make change without the screen telling them how much to give the customer back.  What's wrong with this picture.  So, what's the Republican answer?  Lay off more teachers and cut back on education even more, the lame brains.  No wonder our country is so far behind other countries in the world.  How the hell do you expect to compete with other countries with education marks like we have when all you want to do is cut BACK on education?  Morons.

I swear.  We could probably do pretty good in video game competitions, but service to the public sector?  Squat!  There are so many backwoods, inbred, lame brained, consarned ignoramuses in government now that we don't stand a snowball's chance in hell!  People think it's a good idea to vote for these kind of knuckleheads... especially down here South of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Pass the Valium.

                                                                              Copyright © 2011 Cal Jennings
Uploaded 06/03/2011
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