Users About The Ebaumsworld Redesign

Ohayou, guys! I've decided to interview a bunch of random Ebaum's World users and ask them what they think about the new design.

I'm Neko, reporter for the Meowly Meow Meow. What do you feel about the new design on Ebaum's World?




I prepared a few hundred pics of sluts and was about to flood Ebaum's World with them, like I do every day, when I suddenly noticed there's no Girls and Mature sections! WTF? I uploaded over 16 000 single pics of slutty chicks here. How could they do this shit? How am I gonna earn my ebones with the redesign? I'll have to go back to mowing lawns to pay the rent. It's unbelievable. I'll tell all my friends to stop coming to your stupid website. That's my whole DnD party. Chew on this, Ebaums.




I don't care about the redesign, I come here to own people in the comments. LOL Come at me, you think you can win against my army of alts? LOL I'll thumb your comment down so hard, you're gonna cry. I have 5 browsers open. LOL Go ahead, call me a guy. TITS or GTFO? I don't have to prove anything to you. LOL



Where's the mature section?


Hi ^_^ I like the new design hihihihi, but there's still so many mean people here ^_^ They keep saying things like "Stop posting those galleries of Korean ***** (British term for cigarettes - author's note), you piece of ***** (informal term for feces - author's note). People keep giving them one stars and I say, why do you open them if you don't like pictures of cute Korean boys? I bet there's at least 2 people on here who enjoy watching them other than me ^_^



What did you do with the mature section?!!??! Why? Who did this?



My macro isn't compatible with the new design, which means the redesign sucks. I have to reprogram my macro so that people can say "Ingus," "penus" or "pewp" and get thumbed up and people without avatars would get thumbed down. Where's the mature section?!?!!??! This site sucks so much.



I don't care about the redesign because I'm busy getting cash from selling items in Diablo 3, oh yeah! I already earned 20 dollars. That's TWENTY dollars, biatch. For playing Diablo 3. Shit is so cash. I'm gonna post some more of Bdoubled's personal pics and info on the new design to prove how obsessed he is with me. You hear that, Bdoubled? Your pics. You gonna whine to the mods about it again? It only proves you think about me every day. Bdoubleeeeed! You come here for me, admit it! Admit it, fatso! You're so obsessed with me. You gonna get me banned again? I don't care, I'll be back and post more of your Bar Mitzvah pics. You can't stop thinking about me. Bdouuubleeeed! You obsessed fatso.


As you can see, almost everybody loves the new design. It's classy, hip and user friendly. If you do have a different opinion and would like to share your thoughts about the flaws of the new design, please contact us at the

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