Vampirism and me

All through my short life I've been interested in vampires and the things of the night. I've read books, watched movies, acted and seduced like a vampire. To me, vampires are the greatest mythical creatures known to man.

Why so great? They are icons of sexuality. They are immortal beings capable of inhuman feats.

But what I think might be one of the most interesting things is how people perceive them to be and how others describe them. Some will use them as monsters of their story where in others they are the heroes. In one story they will burn in sunlight, die at the stake, burn with holy water, fear garlic, won't come into the house unless invited, and sleep in coffins.

This fascinated me so much that I have written my own book. I submitted it for review a little over a month ago so I still have ~2 months to wait. My book looks at vampires in ways that I've never heard of them before but captures them as I imagine them to be. Perhaps some other time I will write a blog about my book.

Everyone has their own idols and heroes. To me the fictional personifications of vampires are the best.

Uploaded 09/12/2008
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