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In every race there are two types of people. The "good" ones and the "bad" ones. This rule applies to everyone and makes no exceptions. It's also hilarious if your on the top side. Now most of the good people are all the same, no matter what race. They are hard workers, who want to make an honest living and to support themselves and their families. Now the "bad" ones re the ones who have kids at the age of 17, bring down the whole economy, and collect welfare and populate our streets with drugs and thugs.

Being white, I will start off with whites. With white people their are acouple kinds most would classify as the "bad ones". The first, my favorite is trailer trash. These are the people who date there siblings and cousins. They talk funny, don't shower very often and have the education of a fifth grader. The second are the wiggers. They are the one who are like niggers, but even worse. Because of their lack of pigmentation they try to make it up with even more annoying music and attitudes. They constantly hang out with niggers and try to rap and act hood. 

The next are the niggers, perhaps the most common race with a large lower side. They play music as loud as possible and unnecessarily disturb the peace. These are the people that would prefer to sit on their asses or standing on street corners instead of working an honest job. They are maybe the most hated.

Next we have the beaners. They come to out country to try to make a living by taking our jobs, then complaining when we try to deport them. We have all seen them standing at the far end of Home Depot, looking for anyone who will pay them for a day of work. Although they make delicious food they are just as useless as niggers.

These people are most likely running your local 7-11. We usually cant understand them and they smell horrible. You guessed it, Indians. They can't pronounce most words in our language properly and it's hilarious. 

But that is what''s so great about America it's just full of... characters.


Im Life and Im not racist, actually.... maybe...

Uploaded 01/26/2009
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