So theres this girl that used to eat meat but now shes all about save the rainforests and paint the furs red lol this is funny but also annoying because you know dont tell people how they shud live like Im not telling you to eat meat dont tel me I shouldnt  eat meat yo. 

theres many people like this they go around saying wow youre a murderer, oh yeah whys that? because youre werin fur and you kill animals. that's poliester. Yeah you know how many poliesters died so you could wear this fur?

lol thats an old joke but yo get what I mean lol

heres some facts that the veggie lovers shuld know

* humans are carnivores that means a human needs meat to function proprly and you seen those vegiterians, they are skinny, pale and look like they are starvin

* normal people laff at the protesters and wont change just because a bunch of dirty teenagers who look like they are high on pot and need a shower. they wont stop werin furs and this kind of activity is just dumb.

* celebrities getting naked for peta is a cool idea because people who like them might change their mind about fur but its stupid to braiwash people into veganism or vegitarianism

* vandals that pour paint onto furs are plain stupid. the rich people will buy new fur to replace it and the protertor might get arrested and pay a fine. they will pay for the new fur and more animals get killed. you can say that they person who poured paint on the fur had their share in the animals getting killed for that fur because it wouldnt be necessary to buy a new one if they didnt poor the paint on the old one you dig?

if youre friends with a vegitarian that says they dont want to eat animals you might tell them they are stupid because if you let the cows or chickens go to live in forests, they would be eaten by wolves and had a short life there, farm animals have a chance for happiness and after some time they go to the butcher and later to our plates, later bloggers
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