Or at least they are starting to now. I remember before gaming online was very popular and you and a big group a friends would gather round a 64 and play goldeneye or smash brothers for hours on end trash talking to each other and having a real nice time. Then along came multiplayer onine and now playing with friends is starting to become a hassle. I dont know where it started as a whole but for me it started with  HALO 2. That game was what set me off for playing online  but also where i started to see cheaters galore and hackers. I did never reall see the idea of ranking up to top level for which there was no reward except for saying you are the best around(as in the world). But when you cheat your way to the top i think it is just pointless. What pissed me off most was not the lagging  but the actualy modding of xboxs (which was illegal) to create such stupid things as a machine gun sniper or 500 ft jump. I play Call of Duty World at war now  and am seeing stupid things like people glitching out of the map and killing you from underneath the ground. I dont get too pissed off about it  but i just dont really see the point  if you are just trying to rank up to get 10th prestiege  only to play in a game where you will get your ass handed to you later on when another person stops you from glitching. I am a really big gamer  and will be for the rest of my life    and know that no matter what  people do to stop cheaters  they will not stop all of them, just am sad to see gaming coming to be to where who can cheat the beast instead of who actually has the best skill. This is adressed to all other gamers of course but welcome all input as always

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