Video Gaming: Drama and Beauty

Video games, to me at least, go far beyond entertainment and into straight art. True gems of a genre enlighten, teach, condition, emotionally impact, and leave lasting lessons resulting from an interactive experience along a journey of discovery, adventure, fulfillment, and exploration of facets which far outweigh simple objectives, battles, travels, and tactics.

As anyone who knows me is aware, I have two major genres I stick to, each one filled with titles opening up new universes, struggles, epic experiences, and dreams. And as each story is experienced, so do my emotions unfold, impressing me with new discoveries on myself as much as a character would behold on new revelations at every turn.

Gaming has become an intricate part of my development as much as real life experiences from childhood on, in much the same way film or TV series are heralded by many others as holding a memorable impact on their lives.

In a tribute and celebration to the most classic and beautiful stories of gaming, a few of the more intense and emotionally-charged moments are highlighted below - although I hate yapping during video playthroughs and even more so find it deplorable for a poor player to showcase their lack of skills, fortunately, in finding these vids, only one or two picks featured this problem. Enjoy.

Legend of Dragoon:  The Aglis Babies


When the Magic city Aglis arises from the sea, the party travels there to meet Savan, who has waited 4000 years for Rose's return. For aid and companionship, he had infused "heart" into a few of the creatures within, who help you along your journey between Magic City Aglis, Law City Zenebatos, and Death City Mayfil.

Following a series of trials and a few major boss battles, all is destroyed, with the cute little Aglis babies expending the last of their powers to send you on your way to the Divine Tree and the Moon That Never Sets, resulting in their deaths. One of the most bawl-inducing scenes I've experienced in a game, you'll definitely want to mute the vid to drown out the yapping here.

Silent Hill 3:  Heather's Fight with Herself

Similar to when Link fought Dark Link, only far more interesting - In this direct sequel to the original Silent Hill, this scene marks the epiphany Heather stumbles upon when she's forced to accept her identity as Cheryl - the half-soul of Alyssa, daughter of Dahlia and chosen Holy Mother of the Silent Hill cult, who had been burned alive and reborn - in the form of a mono e mono fight on the warped carousel.

Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht:  Realian Suicide

Shion is one of those humans in this futuristic universe that fully believes in the rights of Realians - new-age Androids that are so advanced, they're nearly indistinguishable from humans. During a Gnosis attack on the Woglinde, Virgil utilizes a code in a last-ditch effort to save themselves from a horde of advancing Gnosis, prompting all Realians to detonate themselves.

It's one of those facets of her job at Vector that would account for her character development in later episodes, which sees her disassociating herself further from her former position. One of an inordinate amount of difficult and emotional scenes in this epic series.

FF IX:  Queen of Alexandria

Dagger (Garnet) finally takes her place as the Queen of Alexandria. As she arrives in her beautiful dress, it's clear at that very moment, Zidane knows he loves her - but what can a lowly thief possibly say to one of such stature now? He retires to a little pub to be alone with his thoughts, and the whole scene is just gut-wrenching.

(Forbidden) Siren:  Why aren't they attacking Tomoko?

Having been separated from Kei Makino, Tomoko is stuck having to brave areas alone. She seems to have done pretty well for a couple of chapters, until she ends up at Karuwari - where she suddenly sees thousands of shining "angels" descend upon her. If that weren't enough confusion, the Shibito she comes across either laugh maniacally or stop to stare at her, rendering the player invincible during the stage.

Unfortunately, if you've been keeping close track of your archive items and gaps of time, you may have already guessed what the whole deal was - Tomoko had already died, and was unaware of her newly-Shibitofied status until finally reaching Irazu Valley Church, where her parents get first dibs on seeing a Shibito close-up (3:45 for that particular cutscene).

Of course, this favorite chapter was one of those repeated in Ps3's Siren: New Translation.

FF VIII:  Rinoa in Space

Squall's charm drifts before the face of a seemingly-forever lost Rinoa, giving her the last bit of comfort she needed before passing out - however, it's at this point in the game Squall comes to rescue her, and both end up aboard the Ragnarok, where our hero is still sticking to cold-mode, despite his inner struggle with the possibility of a thaw.

Again, for the awesomely beautiful game this is, just one tiny scene isn't enough to cut it by far - but to answer a whole lot of you, Rinoa was the character basis for where I got my ebaum's handle : )
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