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New Phone


hey guys and girls,

I was just wondering what kind of phone I should get. My contract for my phone expires november 6th and i need a new phone desperately. The phone that I have currently does not work at all. The screen is just white and the down button does not work. It has been like this for about a month. However, this was probably caused by the fact that I had dropped it in water about 2 times. (possibly 3). I am with AT&T by the way. I was just asking you guys and girls because there is only one phone that appeals to me, the Pantech Matrix. If you have a phone other than that, or that phone, please comment on how you like it. I just have to think of what phone to get because as I had previously said, my phone does not work at all and I want to get a new phone as soon as my contract expires. Thanks!

skatekid24 Uploaded 10/19/2008
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