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Now to my real blog... God people, it's a search button, it's your friend, or even the just submitted videos category!

Re-post after re-post after re-post, sometimes right after one another, the only difference is the title. Then you complain how people rate your media 1 star and how you bitch when someone or Mr. E. takes your feature, you know how to stop that? Actually watch just a few videos and search. I'm sick of hearing, "Ohh my poor little feature that should be mine"!!  Bullshit!!!, you and 8 other people uploaded it within the same 10 hour period, it's not your's anyways so quit bitching. If i bitched about the feature's taken from me i'd committed suicide by ass to mouth. But if your just doing it for the points then quit wasting time and go to youtube or bullshit newgrounds. Now yes there are a very few people who do actually get robbed so this blog is not to you....










Eastside_Dave Uploaded 10/23/2008
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Tags: monkeys


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