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This is rediculous.


I have yet to get one valid answer to the question of why I should vote for McCain.  Al I get is some conservative calling me names and some more gat about how horrible Obama is.  The only person to actually prove a point was that guy with woody for an avatar. 

Rollo tried (failed), but at least tryed.

Bohank denied ever slinging mud in this whole thing (bullshit).

Ellimem just retorted the same name calling he has been for the last 2 weeks.\

Savcam loves box (why is this in here...)

The funny part to all of this is they will claim to try in their best interest to explain why their voting for McCain without trashing Obama and then talk about how Obama lies, is a socialist, or is inexperienced.

I'm not convinced guys, why should we vote for McCain?

reyo Uploaded 10/23/2008
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