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Fuck Narcotics Anonymous


For the past three years of my life I've been attending Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.) meetings. My purpose for going there was mainly for heroin and meth addiction. I never got very far on my step work and kept relapsing, never having more than 9 months clean. During these three years all I ever relapsed on was alcohol (If you're not familiar with N.A. you can't do anything, including alcohol.) During these brief times of drinking I would down beers like no other and when I had my fill I would start going to meetings again.


Finally after three years of this shit I said fuck it. I hadn't used my two drugs of choice since I came in. So I said fuck N.A.'s standards I'm doing it my own way. At first I drank pretty heavily. Now I barely drink at all and life is great, despite the fact that since I'm an addict according to N.A. I should be doing drugs like crazy. haha thats kind of funny isn't it. So here's a big FUCK YOU to N.A. for wasting the past three years of my life by scaring me into thinking that if I stop going to meetings I will end up dieing of a drug overdose.






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