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The uughh, the ugly, and the fugly. The BATTLE in blogs but not


There comes a time in every mans life, that you have to swallow your pride. Yes, this could branch off in many directions, but I'm here to talk to you about only one. Men, you are not good looking. Face it and admit it. God drew woman with is dominant right hand, then got drunk and drew men with is left. We are all ugly son's of bitches. There is no way around this fact, (unless of course you have the money).

EVEN MORE to the point, I will go as far to say that I'M the ugliest bastard out there. (On the outside, I'm beatiful on the inside...and fragile so be gentle.) Then some jackass has the nerve to dispute this fact with me!!!! WHO you ask?? Who indeed, none other than..........................MYSTERYVO.


So, my fellow ebaumers, I leave the choice up to you!!! YOU decide, with your vote, who is the ugliest. Who deserves the award that noone wants to win. (except us)... Who is the fugly bitch?



Come back here and VOTE! A real vote that counts too!!!



Gnome Uploaded 10/29/2008
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