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Feature trolls


I've realized today that those who troll the features are complete ass holes. I got a feature today and it made me incredibly happy, for a couple hours I had nothing to do.So I conversed with many of these which i have deemed as "bane to this planet" In my blog I said I was slightly horizontally challenged. Not fat, just pleasantly plump. And I was ripped apart. I don't rightly care but what in the fuck? I mean us in the blog sections are known for our ability to rip out your heart and feed it to you and afterwards make you drink your own tears but we atleast have a proper basis for doing so. So I've decided:


ebaum bloggers:sophisticated alpha males


ebaum feature trolls: pathetic rejects of our society(by society I mean ebaums)


thegodlyone has spoken


thegodlyone Uploaded 10/29/2008
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