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You know what I hate. I hate people who act racist to fit in. Their friends yell nigger so they yell it back to fit in. Gay right? Ha Gay rights. SHould people have gay rights? I live in a quad at college and one of my roomates is gay. He doesn't act gay doesn't go o that's cute or any of that other super homo stuff. He just prefers a dick to a pussy. Is that wrong? He cares about the enviroment and pushes to get more Green on campus, he's active in many campus things he's trying to make a change. He participates more than most straights. So should he have his rights denied to him? Just for his preference, even though in fact he's more part of society than a lot of other straights. Also I hate when people piss on the toilet seats, it's wrong. Just lift the seat up and you get a bigger hole. It's not that hard, or is it? I don't Know. O well

Kngji6tguy8 Uploaded 10/30/2008
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