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The trash guy stole my political sign.


Okay, I don't really know who stole it, but it's gone.  It was trash night, and this morning, all that's out there are my empty trash cans.  I look down the street, and there are no democratic signs left, just empty trash cans as far as you can see.  And two republican signs.  Only two people on my street have republican signs.  If one of those guys did it, that would be pretty dumb.  The most obvious culprit is the trash guy.  It seems silly for him to risk his job over something like that, though.  Possibly some republican from another neighborhood?  Maybe other democrats trying to make the republicans look bad?  The world may never know.


I saw a picture recently of a guy's sign to replace his McCain sign that got trashed.  It said that the culprit had violated his first amendment rights, and if they ever came back, they'd learn about his second amendment rights.  That's about how I feel today.

Monkhouse Uploaded 10/31/2008
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