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who i voted for and why. "the secret war of pepridge farm"


I Found myself really in the middle on this Mc cain -Obama debate. Till i noticed My zebra cakes missing after a quick discussion with my family about who i thought should be voted for. It must be the secret publicity ninjas working for the presidential runners. Its a conspiracy They are stealing zebra cakes at record numbers to SPITE the undecided voters (including me!!!).

I now implore all of you fellow undecided voters to call to arms and over run the voting booths and put a write in candidate for your vote. We Will all be known as the Zebra cake minute men!!! We will be in the history books!

I am Kira!!! Saaaaaakuuujaaa!!!!!! actualy i am not..... Yes. Yes i am not kira..

We will get our cakes back my fellow hungerys!!!!!!!



theliquidsinner Uploaded 11/04/2008
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