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Well folks, tonight is the big night...


As most of you know I have very strong views about a certain guy running for president, ok, I'm not racist, I just don't like the guy... I have Yahoo! pulled up right now and watching the popular vote going up for McCain right now, sadly that doesn't mean shit...


I talked to my no good piece of shit brother from California, God does he piss me off, he is a Democrat, but he talks about and rags Republicans so much it makes me sick, I kinda hope he dies in fire, It's cool I'm his brother I can say that.


So I mean I want McCain to win, the guy is so cool looking, kinda like a older Ferrari if ya know what I mean, lol, but serious, I do support McCain and that chick he's running with, that Alaskan Chick...


So anyway I just wanted to throw my thoughts out there and relieve a little stress, hopefully I can sleep tonight and I don't have to move...



workman3429 Uploaded 11/04/2008
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