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A Message About Chantix From AW Smith


Okay so a week ago I decided I was going to give up an addiction...

Cigs or porn.

The porn is staying.  PornHub, Wet Clam, XTube...I love them all.

I have them up all three simultaneously right now. 

Back to my story.

I went to the doctor and said I wanted to stop smoking.

He gave me Chantix.

I took Chantix and thought it was stupid that I spent $100 on that crap.  Until today when the results were great.  I have only smoked 2 cigs today.  The shit works.  The hardest part is not smoking after I eat.  Somehow I will pervail and triumph over that damn camel.

I will keep you all informed, not that you care.

~AW Smith

AWSmith Uploaded 11/05/2008
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