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Semper idem!


Always the same

You and I have the same friends. The same is allowed for me. His friend is mine. Get to know yourself. I e. Just by that. He was brave. The senators called him August. All Gauls have the same customs and sacrifice to the same gods. That tree is very high. For the same reason. For that reason. Him, who openly is hostile, we avoid easily. His name is Tiberius. I love this book. This way is shorter than that. This temple is higher than that. At the moment. This laurel crown I put on your head. I want this. No punishment without the law. The other me. No one's land. Glory to God alone. Part for all. In whole. Which is greater? Both consul.


1. What is the difference in meaning between this and that?

2. What is he, that and self called in nominative case and accusative singular neuter?

3. Identify the following shapes: a)his b)this c)none d)they e)self f)these g)these's

4. Bend in singular this way "this way" and in plural the same name "the same name"

5. Repeat the words to the opus "Always the same"! Look for borrow-words in English and other modern languages from the English words! Check in a modern-language dictionary!

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