A Dream From AW Smith

So I have been taking my chantix, a medication that helps you quit smoking.

I have not had a cigarette in three days.

I however have had some weird dreams.

Last night I had a dream.  Normally I do not have dreams.  Now I know someone is going to say "but everyone has dreams, you just cannot remember them!"  BULLSHIT, SHUT THE FUCK UP!  I daydream, I do not nightdream.

Now back to the dream last night...I dreamed I had a broken foot/leg,  It was rather weird.  I have never broken a bone, and am in very good health.  I seemed to keep falling flat on my face a lot in my dream.  I guess the boot thing made me un balanced or something.

When I woke up this morning, before my alarm clock went off, I thought "Damn I cannot go and run this morning because I have a broken foot."  I was sitting up in bed for a while before I realized that I was an idiot.  I stretched, and went running.

~AW Smith

Uploaded 11/09/2008
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