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Well I heard a hell of a funny story from one of my friend today and I thought I would share it with you all.


My friends name shall be "Kim"

The girl she's talking about shall be "Lisa"

Lisa's boyfriend shall be "Bob"


Well Kim called me and started to tell me how Lisa was a newly happening whore.  Of course I asked why so here it is.


Turns out Lisa started having sex with her boyfriend Bob.  After a school dance they wanted to have sex but they didn't have a condom.  Lisa asked Bob if it would be alright and of course Bob says it will be fine. (Mind you Lisa is not on Birth control) So they have sex and my friend Kim was freaking out at Lisa.  Kim starts saying, "Are you serious?! At least he pulled out right?!"  Lisa's response was "Huh?  Pulled out?"  SHE HAD NO CLUE WHAT KIM WAS EVEN SAYING! So of course Kim starts to say while laughing her ass off,  "Did he bust inside of you?!"  Lisa's response to that was, "Oh, I don't know."


This my friends is why dumb chicks should go die.  

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