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Hit it from the back!


I was in the Drive through at Burger King tonight, when i got rear ended by this hott little chocolate mami.

My Highschool flirting instinct kicked in, and all of a sudden i realised it has been a little minute since i hit it, chick-wise.

...Maybe around 4 months, or so.

My Bumper was good, since she hit me at all of 2mph.

I told her she didn't do any real damage, except my car is now really dirty because of her rear-ending me.

She told me she didn't do all of that, started laughing, and asked me if i wanted her to pay for a car wash.

I told her she could wash it in a Bikini for me.
I gave her a hug and got back in my cruiser.

I drove off with my order all screwed up and realizing i need to go get that girl.

She and her friend was already gone, i had cold fries, and thought i should go tell about this in a Myspace blog, or maybe Ebaumsworld.

Nah, Fuck Ebaumsworld!!
Went to Taco Bell, got a Fruitista Freeze, and here i am.

What can ya do?! ...

Im BiGuy, and i approve this ..


BiGuy Uploaded 11/13/2008
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