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Love Every Time - WARNING erotic content


This was an original poem I sold at Aphrodite Gallery as a large panel calligraphy piece.

Hope you enjoy.


Love Every Time

She says please but
she doesn't mean it.

She made sure that she
was twenty three minutes
late just so I'd have
something to scold her
about as soon as
she came in.

Now her skin is slick
with the sweat of strain
just like mine is with
the strain of effort
and I couldn't
stop if there was a
shooting outside.

For with each lash
there's the rattle of
chain and that moan.
That damned gag
choked moan that
only she can make.

I work it so perfect
because her skin
is too dark to ever
go pink.
I rely on sound,
hearing that grind
in her throat that
tells me:

It's the same each time.
The smiled hellos.
The long warm up.
A session I work
so perfect it's
a masterpiece
just for her.
Something I
could only make
because of how
I need her.
Never any afterplay.
Never any cool down.
Just like she likes it.

And every time
the check is folded
once and held
to me between
her flawless fingers.

Every time she takes
her endorphin high
out with her
but leaves me.

Dominus Uploaded 11/13/2008
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