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still drunk from last night


i'm still drunk from last night so don't be a grammer nazi. i'm trying my best.

So my ex and her cousin comes over with a couple bottles of liquor last. the same ex i spoke of in my other blogs. we drank two bottles of liquor between the three of us. i can't remember what happened last night. the last thing i rememeber was drinking out of the botle then waking up this morning naked. they were gone and they won't pick up the phone. i found a bag of vomit in the bathroom which i actually found pretty amusing. I also found that my sink was cloggled with toilet paper. i woke up naked and very sore. i hope i  didn't have sex with her. i was supposed open the store at 8 it's now 9:30. i guess that the capt. had a strong hold over me

yeah i feel like got hit in the head with a brick. a intoxicating brick of sweet sweet alcohol. i'm still pretty drunk.


nawledge336 Uploaded 11/15/2008
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