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Weed vs Alcohol


Hey guys well im 16 years old, i have drank many times but i really don't like it too much honestly, its fun getting a nize buzz...but after drinking many beers or nasty shots, all just to wake up in the morning with an earthquuake in your head? Not fun


My friends have smoked weed, i never have, never thought it was good for ya. but i looked on the interent and it basically says alcohol is worse for you?


Since im only 16 i defiantly wanna go to college after highschool, a good one too hopefully, but can i manage if i smoke weed? does weed really make you that dumb if you do it in moderation, not every night?


Just list some reasons why its good/bad, why or why not i should try. Thanks

fat_fuck Uploaded 11/19/2008
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