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Ever heard of stumble upon? Its gotta be one of the most addictive sites ever written. Basically, it's a search engine, but instead of taking your input into the search box, it randomly selects a web page and views it. Just take that in for a second. Any website on the entire internet. I hear there's a few.


My friend mentioned it to me, so I had to check it out. I was instantly hooked. The first couple were unusual, but nothing really special. Craft pages, dictionarys, that kinda thing. It wasn't until a half hour later (yes, I really spent over a half hour on here) that the weirdest fucking website came up.


Any guesses? Could it be "Man dies from anal sex with horse"? maybe "Wife beating compilation"? No.


It was the Joy of Cooking. With Semen. The site went on to explain the dietary uses of semen in cooking. Can I get a wtf?

sparks158 Uploaded 11/21/2008
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