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I want to play a game with you


Remember that old drinking game "I Never..."? You know, the one where one person says something like "I never kicked a midget in the coin purse" and everyone who has done that must take a drink. A pile of old friends and I played that over the weekend and had a fantastic (and extremely intoxicated) time. I though it might be fun to play that with the bloggers here. So here's how it'll work:


Enter a "I Never" into the comments section. For anyone who has done that, rate the comment a thumbs up. If you haven't done that, rate it a thumbs down. I'm curious to see how bat-shit crazy the bloggers are. I'll put a few in to get the ball rolling. Extreme ones are fun, but try to put a realistic one people may or may not have done. It'll be enjoyable to see what you people are up to off-site.


Thanks. I look forward to reading some of the comments.


-The Big Bad

the_big_bad Uploaded 11/24/2008
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