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food stamps


I used to work at hyvee (a grocery store in the midwest) and i used to work stock and cashier.  I've delt with food stamps in the form of the EBT electronic cards multiple times.  One day a early 20s african american man came through my line with a food stamps card, i thought to my self "ok i wonder ow much food he has". 

The guy came through the line a bought 33 dollars worth of candy bars, that were on sale so they were extremly cheap. (and it was NOT halloween)

Now why do we allow a system to hand out free money to people who obviosly don't need it?  I've seen countless cases of food stamp and welfare fraud so why don't we put more restrictions on the welfare of TANF systems now?

i only bring this up because i was researching for a report on welfare and saw my states budget plan

lancer02es Uploaded 05/04/2008
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