Pussy Reniassance and True Forced Loneliness

Go to youtube and search for stevehoca and watch his videos. If you watch them after you read this it will help you understand what i am talking about. I found these videos and Steve describes what some single guys are going through. Something he calls True Forced Loneliness (TLF).

He describes how women today are brainwashed by tv and movies that make them think they can have the best guy ever and they deserve it. Something he calls the Pussy Reniassance is where girls today are singling out guys because they don't meet thier standards. Like he doesn't have a new car, he's not rich, he is not cute or has an athletic body. He describes how girls are singling out guys who don't fit any of these and says "you either all or a piece of crap" to the women. He is a guy in his late 30's along with two other guys, one who is 50 and the other in his 30's, that are going through this TLF.

He says girls will automatically reject you even if you meet at least one standard. He says you have to meet every single one to fit her standards. He says you have to change yourself compelety to meet these standards and thinks its bullshit. This causes some guys to remain single and virgins at 18, 20, 30 and 40+ years of age. He says there is no way to change it if you are 18 and never had sex with a girl or even kissed her. He says you will be that way to 36 years old or more.

From what i can tell...he is right. I don't have the problem because i have a girl friend but before then i might had the same problem. I have some friends who are single and do not meet the standards girls want like.....he must have a new car, have lots of money, he must be cute and have a sexy athletic toned body. So yeah i agree with him that girls are picky. So watch a few of his videos on youtube. They are like 10 minuets long but he is pretty entertaining to watch. Do not watch Bill, his friend's, videos. He is hard to understand and looks like a creep so its no wonder he is living TLF. Steve seems to lash out a lot and thinks women are out to get him but he does speak the truth and is entertaining to watch his rants. Just watch at least 2 videos and you will see what i am talking about and feel free to discuss here. Well i thought i would put that out there.

Uploaded 05/07/2008
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