what fucking pisses you off?

well i was interested tosee what people have to say whenever the blogs were posted on ebaums.....and from what ive seen its a whole lot of fucking nothing. so to continue tradition i will start this blog basically with what annoys you the most?


1. - hockey jocks - i remeber playing hockey when i was younger and continued to do so for a good couple years. then i had enough of it- after leaving i was very grateful of leaving the sport because i relized i would have turned into a stupid, doochebag loser fuck  who would care more about the stanley cup then there own dieing mother. go toronto maple leafs? are you even from toronto? now i have nothing against the sport, but just the way people change after staying in the sport. agree or disagree i dont care - fuck em

2- emos - boo hoo - i wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself. you'll usually find these people at a my chemical romance concert , sitting by themselves in the hall at school or takeing pictures of themselves in front of a bathroom mirror for all there "myspace friends". do us a favor. actually go through with the cutting.

3- american idol - can anyone name the american idol winners other than kelly clarkson and that fat black guy......? no? are they on the charts for sales?  well that basically answers my question. who fucking cares- why not look for a real talented group of people who can form a band instead of haveing a voice and getting paid to sing others written lyrics.

4- fanboys - everyone these days plays video games - ps3,wii and 360- i have all 3 and i like them all for all different reasons- i hate people who bash other people or sbecause of the type of system they have - i find this occuring more with xbox fan boys.  well guess what - HALO is not that that i have said that this will probably anger a good majority of people but come on it really isnt that great, i have played NES games that have better replay value  than halo - (better FPS than halo - DOOM 3 , Call of futy 4, Bioshock,).i hate telling people i have a game ...ohh i dont know...lets say  assassins creed for ps3 - i actually mentioned this to 3 guys who have 360s, they told me its gay on ps3 and wayy wayy better on 360. oh? ..its the same sorry. just drop the fanboy system crap , who really cares? the reason most fanboys exist is because they havent played the other system or they just dont have it.


5- sandels and socks - enough said


6 - people who will post comments on this blog who will post against me. haha i expect it.


thats about it for now - so ebaums veterans and no0bs what pisses you off?


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