Starting a trend--First time Jack Off Stories!--My story

So....I’m 12 yrs old at my grandparents house where I worked on the family farm as a young lad. There is a channel when you have satellite that gives you a little teaser of porn, no nudity but just enough to imagine what might happen. So I watch this about four times through cuz it repeats every 5 min. I shut the TV off went to bed, but could not stop thinking about these hot girls. Then all of a sudden a got a raging boner, first thing you do is start to play with it, so I did. Then I realized wow this feels great so I stood up in my bed and went to town on my pork sword. This is where it gets both funny and gross. We all know adolescent men usually do not have the best hygiene especially when you work on a farm. So back to it----I’m hunched over like the hunchback from Notre dame and I’m punishing Then I start to smell something....sniff sniff...ewe...sniff sniff...what the fuck is that smell. I then realize that someone should of wiped a little asshole reeked so bad I bout passed out mid wank fest. Anyways I figured when I was laying down I didn’t smell it so I laid back down and finished the job! The funny thing is the first time most guys whack it, it’s like meeting a lifelong companion that you know will always make you happy no matter what time or place. I don’t know if girls can relate but up til this point in my life that was one of the most fucked up and glorious days of my life, cuz all at once I was disgusted with myself (dirty asshole) but also found my new friend (masturbation). Every since then I wipe til the tp is white or it hurts and I don’t want to draw  

Uploaded 05/09/2008
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