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What's with all the bad jokes?


I remember the days when ebaum used to have really good jokes that would have me laughing all day long. They were good jokes, excellent jokes, and he either had really good talent in joke-telling or a really good source to steal from. His jokes were amazing, something to look forward to.


But now they really, really suck. They're old, played out, and I heard them when I was in elementary school... But I'm well on my way to becoming a doctor.


This website is virtually useless now, and the only good thing about it is the virtually impossible-to-obtain points for the reputation store. The jokes aren't good any more, the videos are old or stolen, and I can barely get a chuckle these days.


Why are we being punished and deprived? Why must we suffer without that hearty laugh that could invigorate and inspire our sould?


Come on, ebaum! Live up to your old standards!


I want to laugh!

stpdrckr420 Uploaded 05/14/2008
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