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OK, so yesterday the site was changing everything around, and I guess they lost everybody's avatars. My old avatar was one of Jesus, the character from The Big Lebowski famous for showing his penis to 8 year olds. I decided part ways with the pedophile avatar for something more tasteful. And it doesn't get anymore tasteful than a masturbating bear. I'm a long time fan of Conan O'brian, and my favorite character has always been the masturbating bear. The problem is that there aren't many good pictures of the masturbating bear on the internet. Another problem is that if you do an image search for "masturbating bear" on any search site, you come back with pages and pages of gay porn. As I came to find out, bear is also slang large, hairy, gay men. So after sifting through some of the worst filth the internet has to offer, I finally found this picture and loved it immediately. I hope you all do too. OK, thats a lie. i don't really care if you all like it. It makes me laugh and thats whats important.

Uploaded 05/15/2008
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