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Well Ok.... We're in the 3rd day of eBaums new layout..... I hear a lot of sad people bitching because certain little modes that they've gotten into just dont do the same stuff anymore. Oh dam you , you Certain things do not appear to be functioning correctly granted.... Give it some time. Change while still live is a way lot harder than closing down for a month and making sure everything is perfect before going back on-line and just think, if eBaums did close for a month or so to get everything perfect for all the whiney little girls who...."CANT COMMENT"/"CANT UPLOAD"/CANT THINK"....W.T.F.... would all the real users do.....?? Fuck off watching MultiColoredSwapShop...I think on the whole the Re-Vamped look is bringing eBaums back on the track to it's rightful place..... Number One Site for rip-off material.....God Bless eBaumsWorld and all who fail in Oh and

godlovesdemeter Uploaded 05/16/2008
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