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my speach about death and murder


this is actually my work, i made this awhile ago


to hate love
to fight, for "peace"

what will we acomplish from death?!?
KILLING leads to
MURDER which leads to
EXECUTION which comes before
GENOCIDE and ultimatly causes

so why?
for money, for riches, for oil,for possesion, for pleasure!
things that time will soon decay, destroy from our very exsitence
things that do not matter
this is why we kill other humans
end lives, lives that could possible hold potential

what if we have killed the person would could have found the cure to aids?
the cure to cancer?
the cure for the commen cold?
great minds that will never speak because they have been silenced by the cold hands of death

is it really worth it to you?
to show that you are stronger then someone else by ending them?

you don't only kill them, you pass on sorrow to everyone that they know
their friends
the chain continues, after killing the person, family members get depressed, possibly suicidal,

the child- what if they had no one else to guide them, they go down the wrong path and become who?
the next hitler
the next husein
the next bin laden!

so why? answer the question? why?
three letters? so many words to concive an answer...only so much time until you too are silenced by death

Joshthegoth Uploaded 05/18/2008
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