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The last prophet?


Now why in the world would God make Mohammed the last prophet. I mean in times like this when God needs prophets the most why would he stop there. Cmon I think there are many prophets in the world. Some dont even know they are and some do. You know i was readin the newspaper the other day and this Muslim dad killed his daughter because she talked to an American soldier. The father the uncle and the son kicked her to death. He said if i knew she was going to do this back then "my only regret is that i didnt kill her when she came out of his mothers womb". Come on now would Jesus have done that. I honestly dont think that the Muslim God is the same as the Christian God. They do not worship an all loving all forgiving God. They worship a steal and get your hands cut off God.

FvkkinVin Uploaded 05/20/2008
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