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I'm sick and tired of these sad excuses for media posting events called "Caturdays". They ruin the best day of the week, Saturday. I for one and fed up with these fucking cats in stupid positions with leetspeak on steroids for captions on them trying to look "cute" to overweight, lonely effeminate boys spending their free time during the week to construct these pieces of fucking garbage. Why? So they can get reactions from the rest of the eBaum population, tricking them into thinking that they are doing something useful with their life. Harsh? Maybe but this shit has gone on far too long and I'm getting pretty sick of it. Come on, is broken English and animals in stupid positions THAT cute? Apparently to the population of eBaum's with a lobotomy, yes. I'm not saying I hate cats or anything, they're alright but...WTF. lolcats isn't worthy of a weekly appearance on this already crumbling site of recycled old shit and racism like you wouldn't fucking believe, but that's for another blog. Does anyone feel the same??

w00t_im_cool Uploaded 06/01/2008
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